Roto Molded Cooler Reviews

1. Roto molded cooler brand in the market

Before writing the roto molded cooler reviews, we should know the different brands cooler in the market.
Here are a list of 8 cooler box brands as I know, they are a little famous in the world.

①Yeti  company website:

②Igloo company website:

③RTIC company website:

④Coleman company website:

⑤Grizzly Company website:

⑥Pelican Company website:

⑦Engel Company website:

⑧Rovc Company website:

2. Test these roto molded cooler

I don’t test these roto molded coolers, but some others tested them.
Here are two link about testing these roto mold coolers.One is from Youtube.

The other is from CNET website,
Both of them are testing these coolers very quite completed. You will find the best suitable coolers for your requirement.

3. Need to custom roto mold cooler by your own brand

Please contact us directly, fly plastic is a professional roto mold and rotational molding one-stop service company in China.

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