Don’t purchase 3 types of rotomolding products directly from China.

1. Machine Shells

rotomolding products

As many our customers know, most of our company rotomolding products orders are machine shells, and which are mainly from our domestic machinery factories.

We manufacture the machine shells for their machine and they mount the shells for their machines in their own factory. If there exists defects on our shells, they can send back all defected shells to our factory. We can fix them or provide new shells in a short time.

But if you are the machinery factory oversea, it exists many problems to purchase the shells from China. If you fend the machine is broken, I think to return back or let Chinese factory to send new one, both of them are not a small cost. At the same time, most of shells for air mover, floor cleaning machine and  audio equipment can’t be stacked up. So the final unit price also will be much higher after including the freight. That is why we don’t suggest you to purchase this product from China.

2. Large-volume and non-stackable rotomolding products

Which products belong to large-volume and can’t be stacked up rotomolding products, I think the most obvious is the floating system products in the sea. Generally the floating system products volume is very large, at the same time we all know the rotomolding products are hollow, which will lead to waste much space if you only loaded the floating system products in one container. After including sea freight and import tax, the final unit cost also will be very high.

We have cooperated with many customers who are running business in floating system products, but they only buy roto molds from us, and they make the products by themselves.

3. The rotomolding products need to do molding in graphics

Molding in graphics is a technology from USA and Europe, if you are not very famliar with it, you can visit molding in graphics company website to learn more.
In China, there almost no company research and develop mold in graphics on rotomolding products, so Chinese technology of mold in graphic is blank on the rotational molding market. Some chinese companies say they can do molding in graphics, but most of their technology is used in injection molding and blowing molding. The most important is the demand for moldign in graphics is not big in Chinese market.

If our products need to do molding in graphics, we have to import these labels from USA or Europe, and the cost is not very cheap. Usually, the cost of molding in graphics can take part 10%-30% of whole product, which lead to lose our advantage. At the same time, the customers also may meet some patent problems, that is why we don’t suggest to import this type products. But I think the develop is fasting, maybe we will see new technology to take place of molding in graphics in the near future.

If you are looking for realibale roto molds supplier or manufacturer, pls contact us.

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