Rotational Molding Cast Aluminum Process

Generally we will send the rotational molding cast aluminum process making time table to our customers if they place the order. The time table includes every process step and the needed time. The below picture is our mold making time table for reference.

Parting Line

First step is parting, the general statement is confirming the parting line, which decides how to make the mold reasonably. Our engineer will redesign the drawings after the customers confirm the parting line plan. So it will needs 4 days. I think the following picture is easy for understanding.

Sand Casting/Wood Forming

Second, we start the wood former after we confirm the parting line. I think you can’t understand from the name. In fact, the right name is wood forming, you can think we use the wood to make the same shape as the target product. In this step, some other artiles descrip this step called “sand casting“. Most of rotational molds are symmetrical, so the worker will make the half shape sand box, fill the sand, then turn over the sand box to fill the sand again. At last we will get the same shape as the  target product.

Cast and Cleaning

When we finish the sand casting, it means we get the target product shape, which is same as get an sample. Now the worker can do the cast based on the sand shape. Before the cast, the worker should calculate the best suitable wall thickness for this rotational molding cast aluminum, which will affect the product quality. After casting, the mold will be such dirty and have to clean it, which will have good apperance. it is neccessary for the marketing demand.From sand casting to finish cleaning the mold, it needs 13 days.


In order to producing more accurate product, we will let our workers do CNC on the mold, due to CNC machine is focus on some small details, so this step needs much time, our standard is 7 days, if the products is too complex, we also need more time.

Assemble, Frame Making

The next steps of rotational molding cast aluminum process  are including assemble, frame making, surface treatment and sample test. Assemble is connecting some parts to make the mold completely.And the frame making is fix the mold and the design will affect the how fast the part can be de-molded.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is the last step for the mold, our company fly plastic main provides polish, sand blast and shot peen surface treatment to choose. After surface treatment, we can do the sample test, if the sample exists problems, the mold should be revised.

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