Benefits and Advantages of Mold In Graphics

Stickers are great if you’re a kid, but at Fly Plastic we know that decorating your rotationally molded products with stickers is sometimes not the best option – especially when it comes to exposure to environmental elements and rugged wear and tear.

Mold In Graphics

As the only permanent mold in decorating solution for rotationally molded plastic parts, mold in graphics are superior to other methods of decoration used today. Formulated with the highest grade automotive pigments and materials available, these durable graphics perfectly match the materials in your plastic products. Other methods of decoration used today include adhesives and inks that were not intended for rotationally molded plastics, resulting in products that look cheap and graphics that are exposed to possible damage.

How Are Mold In Graphics Used with Rotomolded Products?

Mold in graphics (also referred to as in-mold graphics or mold on graphics) easily outperform any type of post-production decorating methods, mainly because they are applied during production by Fly Plastic. The long-lasting material is permanently fused to your part. The resulting material can be used on multi-textured surfaces and resists chemicals and UV rays. As an added bonus, if you are creating recyclable plastic products, the mold in graphics can be recycled.

The Problem with Traditional Sticker Graphics

Traditional labels and stickers do not securely adhere to TPO, PP and PE plastics. This is part of the reason why mold in graphics were created. This technology has allowed Fly Plastic to create product-labeling that resists fading, chipping and pealing.

Traditional Graphics Vs. Mold In Graphics

Mold in graphics are tested and capable of withstanding exposure to solvents, battery acids, motor oils, chemicals, weathering, UV rays and more. Rather than having to replace your vinyl stickers or any other labeling, mold in graphics last for the lifespan of the product saving you both time and money. This also means that the brand name, logo or other mark will not fade or peel away over time.

Examples of Mold In Graphics in Use

Mold in graphics are the best method for branding various products in today’s marketplace, including Polaris off-road vehicles, NuCanoe fishing kayaks and more. Due to its high level of durability, mold in graphics can outperform any post-production method of branding a plastic product while providing a vibrant logo, name or image that lasts for years. In fact, mold in graphics often outlast the product it is applied to. As you can see, this is a sound investment.

If you are looking for an effective way to stamp your brand or mark on your plastic products, then consider mold in graphics as a viable and affordable solution for you next project with Fly Plastic.

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