7 Advantages of Plastic Rotomolding

Rotational molding offers many advantages over the other molding techniques. With rotomolding, the mold is rotated to evenly distribute the plastic throughout the interior of the mold. In general, you’ll find that rotomolding produces parts with greater uniformity, more strength and superior durability than other traditional fabrication methods. Here are the 7 advantages of plastic rotomolding.

1. Size

The rotomolding process can make BIG products. At Fly Plastic, we can produce custom plastic products up to 500 pounds and up to 17 feet long.

2. Design

With other plastic manufacturing processes, complex shapes and angles are difficult to produce. Rotomolding offers design advantages and a consistent thickness to the finished plastic product.

3. Inserts

For plastic product rotomolders, assembly is much more efficient. Metal inserts can be added during the production process and offer an alternative to traditional assembly techniques.

4. Color Sections

Matching colors and mixing pigments is a breeze with rotomolding. Nearly any color imaginable can be created without high volume requirements.

5. Mold In Graphics

Multi colored logos, serial numbers and even bar codes are seamlessly integrated into the rotomolding process and are significantly better quality than standard stickers and labels.

6. Tooling

The molds used in rotational molding are usually manufactured from cast aluminum making the tooling process quick and affordable.

7. Surface Finish

Rotomolders have finite control over the final surface finish of a product. Surfaces can range from high gloss to detailed textures and wood grains.

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