Simple Guide to Start Rotomolding Projects

If you are developing rotomolding projects or prepare for this,our simple guide will help you to save time and reduce cost.

1.Drawings Design

①  Whatever you are a beginner or experienced expert in rotational molding,the drawings is the neccessary file for any rotational molding projects.So complete your drawings design is the first step for your project.Most of drawings are created by solidworks or NX Unigraphics softwares in rotational molding industry,so the most common formats are step or x_t.

② There are professional engineers in mature company,it is easy to complete drawings.If you are a personal or started company,it will meet some difficults in designing drawings,then I will recommend the outsourcing service,such as fiverr or freelancer,you can find the professional engineers on these websites to employee them to help you finish the drawings.

③ Sometimes our company will meet this situation,the customers don’t have drawings,but they have samples.Generally,it exists a best and fast solution,which is mapping drawings by professional mapping equipment.The customers cooperated with Fly Plastic can send the samples to us directly,then Fly Plastic will create the drawings for our customers.

2. Mold Building

Firstly you should know how to choose mold type for your rotational molding products.
There are three available choices for rotational mold types:Cast Aluminum,CNC Aluminum and Fabricated Sheet Metal.Determining which is the right choice after answering some questions:

1.What is the size of the finished part?

2.How complex is the parts geometry?

3.What kind of surface finish is required?

4.Will you need more than one cavity?

① Cast Aluminum Mold

The most common type of molds used in rotational molding that offers a wide range of surface treatment such as blasting, shot peening and polishing.Cast Aluminum Mold is relatively inexpensive and can be made in 5-7 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

② CNC Aluminum Mold

CNC Aluminum Mold is used for complex designs and when smooth surfaces are needed.CNC Aluminum Mold is usually the most expensive kind of rotational mold tooling and can be made in 6 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. The CNC Aluminum Mold starts with a 3D solid model of the tooling halves that are CNC machined, then the CNC Aluminum Mold is ready to be framed and finished.

③ Fabricated Sheet Metal

Fabricated Sheet Metal Mold is the most commonly used on large parts that don’t have complex design geometry. Sheet Metal Mold is usually the least expensive kind of rotational mold and can be made in 5-7 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. Fabricated Sheet Metal Tools are formed and welded. The welds are then ground and polished.

3.Rotational Molding

When the mold is finished,the factory can install the mold on the roto mold machine to thermoform the target product.Fly Plastic common uses the material is LLDPE,LDPE and HDPE.We will choose the suitble material according to our customers’ application.

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